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Gay is offering Shamanic Therapy
through Stone Soup in Ft. Walton Beach
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For Tending the Soul

Health Effects of Alkaline Diet & Earthing

Here's a great article that highlights the importance of alkalizing our systems via diet, water, and earthing. I have posted the abstract of the article here because it does a great job of summarizing the key points of Mousa's article; however, you can click the link below to go to download the full text and see more of Mousa's research. Learn More ›

What We Hear in the Dying of the Light

What's great about the darkness is that, as the business of the external world quiets, we can hear our inner voice--inner wisdom, inner needs. Learn More ›


Helping you find balance and healing with mythic coaching and Shamanic Energy Therapy.
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View our blog & media library. Sharing insights & resources to support your personal wisdom journey.
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We offer introductory and advanced workshops on  shamanism, healing ritual, the energy body, & more.
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“In vision, the mind may expand to that cosmic range, as in the raptures of shamans and mystics;   for the energies shaping the natural world are the same as those that operate through the organs of the human body.” 
(Joseph Campell ~ Inner Reaches 28)

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Creating Sage Foundations for Soulful Living

Sage Foundations offers mindful and soulful classes, coaching, and shamanic energy therapy services for soul-deep healing and spiritual development. Classes and events explore a range of fields including energy therapy, shamanism, healing ritual, intuitive development, archetypal and mythic wisdom, and depth psychology. The focus of our events is to help seekers of all levels find the wisdom and direct experiences they need, as well as to develop their personal intuitive and healing power.. 

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