About Sage Foundations

About Sage Foundations

“We all have the potential to dream a sacred and courageous dream, one that goes beyond serving our personal desires and brings beauty to the world."

~ Alberto Villoldo from Courageous Dreaming

The Sage Foundations dream is to bring beauty into the world through quality instruction and growth opportunities for seekers in their personal healing and developmental journey—meeting people where they are and helping them move closer to where they want to be, no matter their beliefs or background. 

Sage’s philosophical basis is multi-dimensional in approach. Drawing from both ancient wisdom and new, Sage embraces the concept of a living, conscious, and holistic cosmos through which flows a conscious, living, and creative energy recognized universally and known by many names—including Qi, Ki,  Prana, Mana, Grace or Holy Spirit, Qudra (Arabic), Ka (Egyptian), Wakan (Sioux), and in Peru “Kawsay.” Much of our work involves helping participants perceive and improve this flow of energy within their own bodies and in their life. It is our goal to empower participants to manifest beauty through luminous healing, spiritual journey, and reconnecting with the Sacred. 

Sage’s techniques focus on experiential learning and creating opportunities for direct experiences. Concepts regarding the luminous body (the chakra system), shamanism, healing ritual, yoga and qi gong, meditation, archetypal and depth psychology, and other mythic wisdoms are frequently presented and then explored through directed experiences during workshops and retreats.

Peruvian Shamanism provides the mystical heart for Sage Foundations core principles. The Peruvian shamanic view of the world is one in which humans are part of a holistic living cosmos. To live a healthy and soulful life, one needs to be in right relationship (ayni) with the natural world – that is the world of living energy, called the kawsay pacha. To be in ayni, we must open and align our minds, hearts, and actions to be in harmony with this flow of sacred energy. Our services are designed to help people open their intuitive channels and come into alignment with this natural healing force.

Gay Wolff began the first version of Sage Foundations in 2000 to bring the healing arts resources of L.A.’s West Side into the northern suburbs of Los Angeles County. She has studied the body-mind-soul relationship and energy medicine concepts for over thirty years, shamanism for more than a decade, and holds a Ph.D. in mythology (emph. depth psychology) along with certifications in several therapeutic modalities. Since relocating to North Georgia in 2004, she has continued to bridge ordinary people with extraordinary insights and opportunities—striving to create safe and life-changing developmental opportunities for today’s numerous soul-journeyers seeking healthy resources.  More about Gay>