Who's at the Heart of Sage?

Who's at the Heart of Sage?

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Gay Wolff has studied whole life wellness and personal growth methodologies for over 30 years, and founded Sage Foundations in the hope of helping others navigate their own journeys with a bit more ease. Sage strives to bring to other seekers sage and soulful, trustworthy and meaningful teaching and mentoring resources. We also maintain reciprocity with other people and organizations who share our desire to foster healing in individuals, communities, humanity, and the living and vital cosmos.  (See below for more details and credentials.)

Gay is available for seminars and book readings and signings at your location. She travels to different parts of the country, and would be willing to consider adding your location to her schedule. She offers short seminars complimentary with book signings, for her currently traveled regions, which currently include Atlanta, North Florida, Los Angeles, & Denver.

She is also available to deliver longer workshops & seminars at your location: Including her medicine wheel series, a Munay Ki rites advanced workshop, and journey work with guided soul retrieval. Her workshops can mesh with larger events, as well, including yoga teacher training and conferences. Email connect@sagefoundations.com to schedule an event.


"I have had the distinct honor of working with Gay for about four years. I have also worked with many other shamanic practitioners, and I can honestly say that Gay is one of the best I have ever worked with. ..." 

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Gay has been a teacher throughout her adult life. Gay's day job much of her adult life has been teaching college English and Mythology classes. On the flip side, she has also been a life-long student of mind, body, and soul--seeking both deeper and broader wisdom through reading, workshops, academia, and experiential mentoring. Consequently, she has accrued an eclectic collection of certifications and experiences along the way.

However meandering her path may appear, it was always driven by a focused desire to gain and share wisdom, healing, and a stronger connection with the Sacred and its mysteries. She has always believed we could have a direct mystical relationship that goes beyond the limitations typical of our rationalistic Western culture. Through Peruvian Shamanism, a blend of other modalities, and her personal practice, she has gained insights and developed techniques to help others on a similar journey. Embedded in all of her work is her focal passion for assisted experiential learning, particularly through intuitive mythic processes, especially Healing Ritual.

Credentials & Affiliations

Gay currently teaches mythology and literature at the University of West Florida, while also offering workshops and services related to her energy and shamanic practice. Below is a listing of her more involved developmental experiences, credentials, and affiliations. However, her practice is a unique modality mash built around the core concepts of Peruvian shamanic mysticism.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. Mythology with emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Dissertation Title: Applying Andean Shamanism to Healing Faustian Soul Loss: Re-Discovering the Subtle Realities of the Mundus imaginalis.

M.A. English

Masters Thesis Title: The Children of Flannery O’Connor: Child of Quest and Child of Grace.

Certifications & Concentrated Programs

The Four Winds ~ Healing the Light Body shamanic program, Munay –ki Rites teacher training, & Masters classes & Sage Program

The Chopra Center ~ Seven Laws of Yoga Instructor, Primordial Sound Meditation, Seduction of the Spirit advanced mantra meditation

Certifications in Integrated Energy Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Leadership training program

Have worked with multiple shamans in Peru, including healers from Q'ero, jungle, and coastal traditions.