The Mythic Vision of SAGE

Sage Foundations is founded in the desire to help soul-searchers find the healing and wisdom they seek. Sage strives to provide quality resources and opportunities so that fellow seekers may cultivate skills, insights, and their own inner strengths--and thereby, become fellow stewards and co-creators of beautiful and thriving World.  

The Name:  The Sage Foundations name has been problematic for the entire 15+ years that I've had it, but  I always decide to keep it because for me it captures a snippet of our vision.

I wanted Sage Foundations to provide both wings and roots for people like me, on the seeker's path. Those fellow discontents who look for more depth, more meaning, or that "something more" they know not of what they seek but are sure it must exist. It is a Sage Quest, a desire to become wiser, a search for true wisdom,  and a belief that we can access the sacred well of such wisdom. The Sage quest is the wings part of our mission, to help people access that divine well both within and in the transcendent other. 

Wingls are great. Soaring with spirit is wonderful. Rising above the demands of the day, taking retreats, having mystical experiences, these are all uplifting, inspiring, and can help us to create new goals and new dreams for our lives. However, we cannot live in the clouds all the time. Even the Eagle must descend to eat and drink. We are both spiritual and material beings, and we require grounding and roots to support our material needs. 

Thus, we strive to not only bring vision, but also to help our clients and participants to manifest their dreams in the world. Sage Foundations recognizes our dual nature -- spirit and body-- and strives to nourish both. We share the wisdom teachings of ancient and modern sages, we provide opportunities for direct experience with the Sacred, but we also address the physical and psychological elements of change. Therefore, we build integration into our classes and give homework so that each participant has resources for creating change in their everyday lives.

SAGE: an acronym for our vision statement: 

  • Soma   ~ a Greek word for Body
  • Anima  ~ a Latin word for Soul (Related to Greek ánemos meaning wind”)
  • Gnosis ~ a Greek word for knowledge, particularly mystical knowledge as                     comes from direct experience
  • Eros    ~ a Greek word meaning Love ~ An elevated Love-Beauty


Soma: In caring for the energy body, we are also caring for the material body.Our bodies are the temples of our Souls and they include the subtle body,psychological patterns, and emotional health. We dedicate time to the work of the first three Earth chakras that are necessary for manifesting and relating.

Anima: We address Soul as that part of the lifeforce that is both unique to each individual,yet interconnected with and reflective of the spiritual source of the Creator. Mythically, like jewels in Indra's net, or holographically, the whole that is in every part. We also use Anima as a catch term for Animus and shadow. Anima as the soul in its heart-soul feminine attributes, Animus is the soul in its more mind-soul masculine attributes, and Shadow as the hidden or under-developed qualities or potentialities in the soul-psyche. 

Gnosis: We are dedicated to providing opportunities to participants and clients for direct self-development, mythic, and mystical experiences. We strive to help people learn how to better engage the personal and transcendent aspects of the Sacred.

Eros: The love we emphasize at Sage is closer to the Platonic Ideal of an inner love-beauty than the one of romance. What the shamans of Peru call Munay is the love of the Creator that manifests in the world as Beauty. Munay means both love and beauty. And they see it as our task to be vessels and channelors of that love. It is also understood to be the connective force of life. Love, as passion, is the force that drives the continuation of life, the continuation of creation. At Sage, it is our desire to arouse such love within us. To arouse a love for nature, for each other, for the cosmos, and perhaps hardest of all, a divine love for ourselves.