Forgiving Mothers ~ Mythically

It is the very nature of Motherness to nurture and hold on, while it is ultimately necessary for the children to push away.
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Huffington Post Article: The Healing Legacy of the Inka: Five Ancient Principles that we need today

We are taught five concepts at the heart of the Inkan philosophy that are crucial to being healthy, balanced, and an “investor” in life, rather than a “consumer” of life: Kawsay, Munay, Yachay, Llanchay, and Ayni.
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Pacifica Graduate Institute Celebrates 40 Years

Pacifica Graduate Institute is celebrating its 40th anniversary. A truly magical place, where students of Mythology and Jungian Depth Psychology are held in the bossom of the foothills overlooking the Pacifica coast...
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Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual ~ Sneak Peak

If you've been looking for new ways to deepen your personal practice in energetic, spiritual, and psychological self-care, you may find my new book just the resource you need.
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January 2016 Newsletter

     If your 2015 ended with the busy-ness that mine did, you may be as pleased as I am that Nature has been keeping us indoors quite a bit. Yes, there has been a lot of rain, and we are all a bit weary of the gray skies, but we can take advantage now of the weather. Winter is archetypally the season for self-care and reflection, and learning to align our patterns with the cycles of Nature can help us to find balance in our own lives.
Now is a good time to make space for meditation, self-care rituals, reading, and yes, sleep. Once the spring has sprung, we'll be buzzing with the energy of warmer weather and sunnier days. So I encourage you make the most of this time for inner reflection and self-care. Below I have listed upcoming events that I am offering. Notice that in January and February the gatherings are supportive of your inner work during this season of quietude. 
Good news! I'm now offering sessions in Marietta! Due to many requests, I have worked out an arrangement to bring me closer into Atlanta for Shamanic Energy Therapy. One day a month, I will be seeing clients at Sacred Garden Yoga to make it easier for my Atlanta area clients. Also, check out my Services page to see how I have expanded my offerings.

You can contact me directly at
Blessings for 2016. It feels like a big year!
     ~ Gay

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