Healing with Visualization

Often, we have to journey inward and start making the changes within ourselves before we can create changes in our world. Mythic visualization is one way to make the inner shifts.
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Imagination: The Gateway to the Sacred

In today's world, we have lost the connection to essential aspects of ourselves and the cosmic reality, but here's one exercise to begin awakening your intuitive senses.
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Goddesses Mine ~ Academic Essay

Full academic essay surveying the importance for women to embrace the varied aspects of being a woman for both personal and cosmic benefit.
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Goddesses Mine ~ Light and Shadow

We find ourselves as women having to rediscover the depth and variety of our feminine nature. Even more, we are having to learn to value feminine qualities and assets as essential to the psyche and the cosmos.
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The Healing Power of Ritual - Part 1

Rituals offer us ways to go beyond the abilities of the conscious mind in order to release, cleanse, nourish, and balance our psyche & soul.
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