Healing & Subtle Energy

Lightworkers Healing Reality

We are a Rainbow Tribe of every culture and healing modality, but we all source from Spirit. We are stewards of life and creation and must use our shamanic sight to delve beyond the concretized patterns of warring psyches and cultures acting out their fears and limiting beliefs.
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Health Effects of Alkaline Diet & Earthing

Here's a great article that highlights the importance of alkalizing our systems via diet, water, and earthing. I have posted the abstract of the article here because it does a great job of summarizing the key points of Mousa's article; however, you can click the link below to go to download the full text and see more of Mousa's research.
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Munay-Ki Rites ~ Seeds of Consciousness

In these rites, the shaman calls in the energies to which each rite is targeted and the shaman calls in the spirits to help transmit seeds of those energies into the initiate's subtle field. The initiate then must walk a path that will grow those seeds, in order for them to shift our subtle architecture and awaken our intuitive abilities.
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The Healing Power of Ritual - Part 1

Rituals offer us ways to go beyond the abilities of the conscious mind in order to release, cleanse, nourish, and balance our psyche & soul.
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