Caring for the Luminous Body

Date & Time
February 09th, 2019 2:00 PM
Stone Soup (Google Map)

Caring for the Luminous Body Workshop

Saturday 2/9  2-3:30

Discover your energetic body,
 how it informs your life, and ways to maintain
it for a more balanced system. This class will
introduce you to the chakra system and teach techniques to keep your energy balanced and flowing for better health and well-being.

In this class, we will:

· Overview the subtle body & chakra system.

· Experientially discover the energy body with opportunities to feel, see, and engage it.

· Learn techniques for balancing and clearing your chakras and energy pathways.

· Have a chance to ask questions for suggested techniques to deal with personal concerns.

Registration Instructions
Contact Stone Soup @ 850-533-6565 to register.