Surrogate Death Rites

Date & Time
November 15th, 2022 6:00 PM
Stone Soup ISC (Google Map)

Surrogate Death Rites
Facilitating Death as a Rite of Passage

In this workshop & ritual, we will assist our deceased loved-ones
in making a clean passage into their afterlife.

You could benefit from this class if any of these apply:

  • You feel your loved one did not pass cleanly—especially if their minds were muddled at the time of passing due to dementia, being unconscious, or chemical influences.
  • You feel a loved one is hanging around in this world and needs help to let go and move on.
  • You feel you may be holding a loved one back by your love or fear and need to let go so they can move on.
  • You have accepted the death of your loved one, and feel they have transitioned, but you are having trouble letting go of the grieving process. You need something to help you release them to their journey, and return your focus to your journey in this life.
  • Anyone who feels a Surrogate Death Ritual will help their loved one’s passing—recent or long past.

In this session, Gay will guide participants through a death rites process in which you will honor your loved one, holding on to their gifts & forgiving them where needed. You will then help unwind any remaining threads holding them to this life. Though we will do this as a group, each person will be working through a private ritual with your own loved one

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Contact Stone Soup: 850-533-6565$30.00
Registration Instructions
Call Stone Soup 850-533-6565 to register for this class. Pre-registration required to hold your place. $30 Requested Donation