Munay-Ki Introduction & Rites (All levels)

Date & Time
December 06th, 2022 5:00 PM
Stone Soup ISC (Google Map)

5pm Intro & 1st three Rites --
6PM Rites 4-6 or 7-9 

Introduction & 1st three rites will be given first, then we'll open the circle to those wanting the second or third set of rites.

In the mountain traditions of Peru, initiates receive rites as attunements, energetic seeds which they will feed and grow over time. These energetic shifts awaken their potentials and connect them to energetic resources, so that they have access to them as soon as they are energetically ready. The Munay-Ki offer the energetic essence of these rites for soul journeyers of any culture.

Each rite stands alone in its gifts & you can receive just one, several, or all; fairly quickly or over time; once or many times. These are distinct energetic attunements that you feed and develop through your own growth process. The first four rites are technical rites that activate potentials and provide protections. The final five rites are energetic transfers that connect the recipient to a lineage of healers (healing dimensions) that guide and nourish your soul journey.

On December 21, Gay will be offering rites for first-timers and for those wanting to continue their rites. At 5pm there will be an introduction to the rites (required to begin receiving them), followed by a transfer of the first three rites. When these are completed, approximately 6pm, Gay will be available to gift rites to those wanting the second or third set.

For information on the individual rites:  

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