Shamanic Energy Therapy

Shamanic Energy Therapy

True healing is nothing less than an awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity.    (Alberto Villoldo ~ Shaman, Healer, Sage 10)

Shamanic Energy Therapy is a style of energy medicine that is anchored in Peruvian shamanic healing techniques. Energy Therapy helps clients to clear imprints  at the source of undesired patterns or conditions and brings healing energy and balance back to their luminous bodies. This shamanic core is enhanced by Gay's other modalities that allow her to provide a variety of energy therapy and coaching services.   {Gay is currently not accepting new clients at this time ~ She will begin accepting new clients in summer 2018}

Gay's unique blend of shamanic therapy, energy medicine, and journeying techniques creates the therapeutic process that comprises her Shamanic Energy Therapy. She uses traditional tools including rattles, flower water, and stones to move and absorb energy, as well as other tools and techniques from various healing modalities. Gay's practice also draws on divine guidance and inspiration through shamanic journeying, and she supports her clients in opening their own intuitive channels to the Sacred. 

Shamanic Energy Therapy is especially helpful with:

  • Complementing traditional healing methods for chronic physical issues
  • Clearing blockages: mental and recurring obstacles in your life
  • Shifting personal and family emotional patterns
  • Removing generational and potential patterns of disease, disorder, or dysfunction
  • Clearing the remnants of trauma or life change crises from the energetic field
  • Clearing blockages and shifting group dynamics in an organization
  • Balancing the chakras and luminous field for health and general well-being


Gay’s therapy services include:

​~Chakra clearing, balancing, and re-Illumination
~Heavy Energy Extractions
~Inherited/Karmic Energetic Extractions
~Past Life Regression Therapy
~Soul Retrieval Therapy and other Advanced Therapies
~Personal Coaching and follow-up support for advanced
                                               therapeutic services

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