Discover Healing Ritual

Discover Healing Ritual

"People Need Rituals."

This the sentence I chose to begin my book because it expresses the belief that drove me to write it. We have been taught to either fear rituals as dangerous or disregard them as fantastical, yet I have watched again and again as groups have found insights, connection, and healing through simple healing rituals. We've lost our subtle and intuitive senses to a great degree, but we can begin to rediscover and redevelop those senses through intuitive practices. There are many wonderful ways to re-awaken our intuitive senses, and healing ritual is one of my favorite practices. Whether you develop a private ritual practice, or grow an intimate group with which to create rituals, you will find a special kind of healing and connective experience through rituals. Here's a few excerpts from my book to offer some insight to this process.

Excerpts from Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual

A ritual is the enactment of a myth. By participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual,... you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being reminded of the wisdom of your own life.  ~ Joseph Campbell (“The Wisdom of J.C.” Interviews)

The purpose of Ritual is to bring us closer to the source of our being, where we can clear patterns and shift things more easily in order to understand and change the material reality. (7)

Through Ritual we can bypass the conscious, rational mind and utilize our intuitive sensibilities to access our heart’s wisdom. (5)

From this state of reverence and receptivity, we can reclaim a personal and direct relationship with the power of creation, and join many others in becoming co-creators of reality. (5)

We can opt to merely treat symptoms on the surface level and accept the temporary relief of surface remedies. However, to actually heal our physical and psychological ailments, we must seek out their sources. (7)

Ritual is not about having power over the Sacred. Rather, it is about being empowered through or with the Sacred, and activating our own divine nature. With an attitude of reciprocation and balance (what Peruvian shamans call ayni), we can access our spiritual power, and the divine forces that inform, enrich, and heal our lives. (p. 7)

Performing Ritual involves our participation in several aspects. At the most physical level, the body is engaged in a ceremonial act. The heart-wisdom is accessed to determine your intent. The imagination (intuition) directs the flow of the Rite, and emotions drive the desire that motivates it. Beyond the body, mind, and emotions of the process, Ritual also works energetically to clear, repair, and make shifts in our luminous field. This energy body—also called our subtle, light, or luminous body—is part of the material world, but at a fundamental and subtle level. (7)

This current world of ours would appear to be physical, sociopolitical, and economic. But our sixth sense—the imagination—discerns another, which shines and streams through cracks in our visible universe.   ~ Stephen Larsen, The Mythic Imagination

Ritual offers a means to open a dialogue and to regain a personal relationship with both the interior and transpersonal Sacred. It provides a way to harmonize your body, mind, and soul (as well as your relationships with others) for a feeling of congruence, meaningfulness, and ultimately, a deeper joy in living. (9)

Through Ritual, we bypass our conscious, rational minds to access the intuitive heart and the intelligence of the soul, which also shifts our energetic patterns. The body, mind, and heart are brought into alignment, which allows us to gain insight from and create influence upon the subtle dimensions of reality where we access intuitive wisdom. You may think of these domains in psychological terms as your higher Self or what Jung named the Collective Unconscious. You may prefer David Bohm’s quantum theory of the super-implicate order. You might also accept these states as metaphysical domains described by perennial mysticism. Regardless of how you choose to frame these subtle realms, Ritual takes us closer to the blueprint of our being where we can clear and shift things more easily, and ultimately change our reality. (14)

The safest way to practice Rites (and any soul work) is to come with desires and intentions, but to also acknowledge at the start that a higher vision and wisdom than ours should manage the process. We don’t need to access what we cannot yet digest or assimilate healthfully. Instead, we come back again and again, whether for healing, initiations, or insight, accepting the pace and intensity set by a higher wisdom. (40)

Through Ritual, we can develop our intuitive senses, rediscover our centered Self, reconnect with the life force of the cosmos, and essentially, reclaim the missing parts of our Soul and the Soul of the world. I do not encourage turning from logic and reason, but rather to remember that we need more than these to live a soulful and healthy life. (123)

The psyche and the cosmos are to each other like the inner world and the outer world. Therefore man participates by nature in all cosmic events, and is inwardly as well as outwardly interwoven with them.           ~ Richard Wilhelm, The Secret of the Golden Flower