Meet Your Luminous Body

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Luminous Body Overview                           

The luminous body is the energetic system that consists of the chakras (energy centers) and the energy field that runs through and around our physical body.  It is a subtle extension of our material bodies and responds to a variety of stimulations, including light, sound, plant & flower energies, as well as our focused attentions and intentions. It has many names from many cultures, including subtle body, light body, auras, energy body, and rainbow body. Its energy is more subtle than light, but for those who can see it, it appears as a free form bubble of color surrounding and extending beyond the physical body. Halos of the Bible were the bright crown chakras of sages.         Skip to Excercises

The basic structure is like that of a free form torus, in which channels of energy flow along our spine, out and around, and back into our spinal center. The light body is umbilically attached to the physical body, and the chakras (sanskrit for "wheels" of light or as in Peru, “eyes of light”) are energetic sources for our body.  Though the energy body is more subtle than electricity, the concept of our subtle body as a circuit of energy is applicable. We are healthy when our energy flows unrestricted and resonates at the frequencies that are appropriate. Therefore, because this luminous body consists of lighter and more fluid energy than our physical body, it is healthiest when it is free of the heavier energies that clog and restrict its energetic flow. Energy therapies are techniques for helping clients to heal interfering conditions: Practitioners strive to clear blockages, open channels, cut or remove heavy energy attachments, or repair tears and damages to the subtle body.

How do we get congested with heavy energy? Living in the material world offers many ways to be wounded, get cluttered, form imprints, and generally get scummy. Energy, heavy and healthy, is a substance, like air, that envelopes us everywhere. You’ve probably walked into some store or diner sometime and thought, “I’ve gotta get out of here!” When we come in contact with offensive energies, we can sometimes sense this by feeling uncomfortable or turned off. This is your body recognizing what your mind does not yet know. What the Peruvian paq’os call Hucha  is heavy energy that is disordered and unhealthy for us. Negative or unhealed emotions, violence, destructive relationships, hateful words, toxic substances or environments, and many other things can create hucha within us and in the world. Constant exposure, unhealthy lifestyles, and the absence of healing acts or attitudes can allow imprints or sludge to build up in our systems. One clue to you having an energetic issue is when you see a difficult or unhealthy pattern or chronic symptom in your life. It is not easy to live without getting “dirty,” but we need to get better at self-cleaning.

The concept of an energy body, energetic centers like chakras, and our light-nature is universally reflected throughout the mystical traditions of the world. While some details vary, you can find allusions to the seven in-body chakras, the nine in and out-of-body chakras, the rainbow body, or the light nature of humanity as children of both the Sun and Mother Earth throughout the mythology and rituals of the ancient world. This mythology is a way of expressing that we have both the nature of the material world (the Earth—substance, form, heart) and the nature of the stars (light, fluid, consciousness). Many ancient mythologies refer to our being born of the stars and returning to the stars after we die.

For example, the Hopi Yuwipi ceremony is an elaborate ceremony concluding with a celebration of our light nature. Its many days of ceremony end with a dawn ritual in which participants remember the phases of Creation in the sunrise and “drink” the light of Father Sun. This is not just a nostalgic ritual, but rather it is an energetic revitalization, as well. We can “drink” the light of the sun, the moon, stars, even firelight. How many times have you felt refurbished by the first warm rays of a spring sun?

Gay’s Shamanic Energy Therapy is rooted in Peruvian cosmology and their shamanic wisdom and techniques. She anchors her work in these traditions to locate and remove heavy energy and repair the light body, while also bringing in techniques from other modalities including other energy healing, hypnosis, archetypal psychology, ritual, and applied mythology. True healing is a holistic process in which we need to work at multiple levels: the physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, & spiritual, and also in relationship with our families and communities. Sage Foundations attempts to help clients build strong pillars for a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life. As each of us heals, we help heal another piece of the whole. As each of us grow deep roots, sturdy trunks & expansive branches, we can then produce fruit in which to give in kind to the world.

While this article is merely an overview, a complete discussion of the chakra system and light body can be found in many great books that describe in detail the chakra and luminous body system (see references at bottom). 

Meet your Subtle body:  Exercises

Below are two energetic activities that are great for both beginners and experienced energy workers. Remember, the subtle senses require softening your efforts rather than forcing them. Like trying to hear a distant voice on the wind, you must quiet, soften, and release your whole body into a “listening” mode rather than a “doing” mode.

Awakening the Senses Series:

This exercise is a great way to practice your subtle senses, but it is also a great warm up before you do any Ritual or energetic work.

1. Rub your palms together briskly for about 10 seconds. Notice how hot they get while doing this. Then open your hands and notice the temperature and any tingling that you feel along your fingers or palms.

2. Rub your palms together again for 10 seconds. This time, close one hand into a fist and open the other. Your full attention should go to the open palm. Try to feel a throbbing or tingling in your palm, and try to sense if there is movement in your palm. There are spiraling chakras in your palms, and when you arouse them, you might be able to sense their spiral. It’s okay if you don't yet feel it--this is something you can practice anytime.

3. Rub your palms together again for 10 seconds. This time, when you stop, pull your palms apart only by a couple of inches and try to feel the energy contained between them. Pulse the palms gently toward and away from each other, moving only a few inches. As you pull out, try to sense the sticky feeling of the energy as it clings, and as you push in, try to feel the slight pressure that builds. This is not rigorous or fast, but you must keep the pulsing going or the energy disperses. Once you feel the subtle orb in your palms, draw this healing energy into your heart with the intention of letting it nourish you.

Rhythmic 8’s Flow Exercise: There are many things that interfere with our healthy energy flow: besides injuries, poor habits, such as walking with a bag on one shoulder or sitting too long at the computer,  can impede or confuse the flow. The following is an activity from Donna Eden’s book that helps to get your energy flowing, and in the right direction.

Draw a series of large figure 8’s in front of you w/ both hands moving together. The first set of 8’s will be drawn sideways, w/ your hands & your body moving right and left with your reach. The second set will be drawn vertically, with your hands and body reaching up and then bending down slightly as you draw the figure from your full arm reach above and to your feet below. The third set of 8’s will be drawn above your head left to right, as if it were laying on its side. So your hands weave right and left in a smaller 8 that extends slightly beyond the width of your body. Do each figure at least 5 times, in whatever order you prefer, but keeping each direction separate or alternating the figures in a repeting series. This helps to restore the flow of your luminous field for your health and protection.

Dark Spring Stone: Nearly everyday we come home with some burden on our hearts. Whether we had a conflict, bad traffic, worries about friends or family, or just feel sick of our jobs, those burdens can become sticky and stuck inside our systems if we don’t have a way to let them go. Some things cannot easily be drained, but even if the worry will not cease, you can try to hold it in a Sacred space that is NOT your heart, or liver, or gut, or shoulders. When we hold our burdens and wounds inside our bodies, they can manifest illness. This is a technique that I developed for myself and have recommended to many others, especially those in service or care-giving careers.

1. Find or buy a fairly large dark colored stone. It should be at least a large fist size stone, but you can work with one as large as you like, as long as you can move it, or it is permanently outside on the ground if you can’t. At the end of each day, after you put down your bags and kick off your shoes, but before you get caught up in any activities, go to your stone. Actually, you could even do this in your car on the way home so that by the time you get come, you're decompressed.

2. Hold your stone in your hands, (or place them on it if it's big) and begin to recall everything that still feels heavy and clingling from the day. What were you grumbling about to yourself on the trip home? What feels like it’s hanging over you like a sword, clingling to you like muck, or smoldering inside like indigestion? What worries, fears, dreads, frustrations, or exhaustions are weighing down your heart, your mind, your body?

3. As you let these thoughts cross your mind, don’t hold on to them, but like leaves washing down a stream, imagine them flowing out of you and into the stone. The stone is like a dark deep underground stream in which your worries and burdens can flow deep into the belly of the Mother Earth and there be safely mulched. Just imagine it all flowing out and into the stone until you feel lighter. Some concerns cannot be forgotten, but let the heavy feel of these go into the stone, and know that your needs are also being telegraphed for divine support.

This can take a few seconds or several minutes, depending on you. You certainly can use the stone anytime, but I encourage you to do a regular hucha  drain at the end of each day. Besides the great healing value, psychologically, it can really help to put things in perspective.

~Blessings for love and healing light.


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