Therapy & Coaching Services

Gay offers energy therapy and coaching services as described and priced below. The basic healing therapy is based on clearing and re-illuminating the disrupted chakra with healing light. Single sessions offer powerful healing, but for more ingrained or involved issues, such as chronic symptoms or severe trauma, clients would benefit from multiple sessions and coaching. Distance sessions and stand alone coaching are available as well. 

Gay also offers additional services, including guided journeys and individual or small group Ritual design and implementation. If you have a need I haven't listed here, please feel free to ask. Contact me at

♦  Sorry, but Gay will begin accepting new clients in summer 2018.

Core Therapies                                                           Request a Session

Introductory Consultation & Seven Chakra  Balance ~ 55 min
In this session you will receive a diagnostic consultation followed by a general clearing of all seven major chakras for a system-wide boost to the energy body. In addition, each chakra will be brought into balance with the others, and clients will be given some information as to what has been out of balance. You will also receive suggestions for which S.E.T. services would be benefit you and what you can do at home for your continued self-care. If you aren't sure what you need, this is a good place to start. $75

S.E.T. Illumination Session ~ 55 min session
In this session, you will receive the foundational healing process of re-illumination which involves discovering and targeting the interrupted chakra based on your issues and symptoms. The chakra is then cleared and healing light is brought in to repair the chakra. This is a deeper healing process and focuses on your specific healing needs.  $85

Re-set & Recharge Package:  3 session series   

1 Intro Session and 2 Illumination sessions. Especially great when sessions are held approximate 2-3 weeks apart, to work on clearing and revitalizing your luminous system. $200

Advanced Shamanic Therapies:                                         Request a Session

The Basic healing services offered above are powerful and may be enough to re-set your system or give you the leg-up you need to climb out of the ruts or holes in which you've found yourself. However, if you have have major traumas or long-standing and chronic issues for which you have not been able to find healing in other venues, then you would benefit from more advanced therapies. Advanced sessions works at deeper levels to assess and address your needs. A single advanced session will look deeper into your luminous field and will addresss more rooted energy imprints. However, for chronic and debilitating issues, I recommend you undertake an advanced series of Shamanic Energy Therapy in which Gay will delve into the "underworld" of your luminious system to find and extract heavy energies that have taken root or been inherited.  This therapy draws from shamanic, energetic, psychological, and hypnosis traditions to address the body, mind, and spirit in a holistic way. In addition to the therapeutic techniques conducted in a session, you are coached and supported in your own healing process and in at-home techniques for supporting your long-term healing and self-care.

S.E.T. Advanced Session ~ 75 min session
In a single advanced session, you will receive the basic healing process of re-illumination plus additional healing processes according to what is determined through energetically assessing your luminous body. This includes advanced techniques such as extracting crystallized and fluid energy imprints, cutting unhealthy cords binding you to others or to the soul’s unhealed past. In this session, a particular issue or set of issues is targeted and a full spectrum of healing work is done to bring the person clearing and energetic nourishment. $110

Shamanic Past Life Regression Journey ~ 60 min session  
In a past life journey session, you will be taken on a guided journey to encounter and receive insights from a relevant past life. This process will draw from shamanic guided journey techniques and will also employ hypnosis regression therapy techniques to guide you into remembering and receiving gifts of wisdom and healing from your soul’s past. This session is especially effective for people who have some successful experience with guided imagery or hypnosis. Those who need more help in the journey process may find the multi-session Soul Mending Therapy a more effective option.   $85                                                    (back to top) 


Deep Therapy Package ~ 3 Session Minimum  ~  75-90 min. sessions

In Deep-Energy Therapy, you will be taken through a multi-dimensional deep healing process. Based on your particular needs, each of the sessions is designed to engage various levels of healing that are progressive, each building on and working with the other. We will be clearing blockages and releasing unhealthy patterns and imprints, as well as utilize guided journey to work with the whole brain to release and replace unhealthy mental habits and learned patterns. In addition, you will receive at-home exercises that will empower you to bring new healing rituals and patterns into your daily living.  3 Session Prepaid Package $270.
Additional pre-paid sessions at $90 per session with packages.

Deep Therapy Packages may include some of the following, according to your needs:

  • Soul-Retrieval and Soul-mending
  • Future Mending: healing your destiny
  • Clearing inherited imprints -- family condition patterns
  • Healing your identity-- shedding the dead skin of the past & restoring your authentic nature


Mythic Mentoring & Coaching                                                Request a Session

Gay's mentoring and coaching services are offered either in conjunction with healing services or as a stand-alone service. Everybody needs some extra guidance or encouragement now and again, and Gay strives to help you find your own path and your own gifts along the way.

Mentoring: Whether you are on a shamanic or other spiritual or healing path, or whether you are just seeking a better connection with your true nature, Gay is happy to support your journey any way she can. Her mentoring services support whatever journey you are on, offering feedback, answering questions, and suggesting resources or developmental techniques, when possible.

Coaching: Gay's coaching technique is not standard talk therapy, but rather, as an applied mythologist, she helps clients to see into the mythic patterns resonating in their lives, their personal stories, and make shifts at the energetic, emotional, and spiritual levels. Her coaching educates and helps clients to move quickly from a place of impotence in their lives, to a place of insight and purpose with which to heal and empower their deepest selves.  $65 per hour.      (back to top) 

Sage Journey Therapy:                              

In these 55-75 minute sessions, Gay will provide individual or small group guided journeys to address your needs and interests. These journeys not only offer healing opportunities for participants, but also help you learn the process for your personal journey practice. $75-100
Some of the guided visualizations she offers are:

  • Introduction to your Inner World guide and receive a power animal
  • Commune with a Temple guide
  • Healing the Past--Working with the shadow
  • Revisioning the Future--Dreaming your future into being


Personalized Ritual Services

Private and small group Rituals can be very healing, and Gay is happy to assist you in designing Ritual for your personal needs. Ritual designs can be for stand-alone events, or she can offer Ritual components for you to add to your own event. Prices will vary per project, but the typical needs would range from $65-$150 for a Ritual design and instructions. She is also willing to facilitate Rituals for small groups as well, priced according to the event. 

  • Ritual Resources: 
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Medicine Circles
  • Initiation Rites
  • Grief & Loss Rituals
  • Life Passage Rites: Including Marriage, Childbirth, Death, and Major transitions
  • Community or Family bonding, healing, or transition Rituals


Frequently Asked Questions:   

Q. I’m Booked, Now What?

It’s great if you can wear comfortable clothes and not have to worry about time while you’re in a session. Session times can vary depending on exactly what types of situations are encountered. In the basic format, the client begins by identifying what he or she want to work on and going through a process to activate and awaken the body to the work by answering questions and setting intentions into a medicine stone. Then the client lies comfortably on a table and relaxes. Gay will begin working by scanning the energy body, giving the client breathing clues or asking questions as she continues to scan, clear, and mend the luminous body. The work ends with a re-illumination of the target chakra to restore and revitalize it after clearing. The client is debriefed on the session and when relevant, given homework to continue the healing process. There are some variations depending on the particular service or nature of the client’s issues, but this clearing and  illumination process is the core container for this therapy.

Q: Should I stop medical or other therapies when I begin S.E.T.?

Shamanic Energy Therapy offers techniques for targeting specific problems, especially those physical and emotional issues that seem to be chronic or hard to improve: Including problematic patterns in relationships, life dynamics, and our own sense of purpose and well-being. Shamanic therapy is a resource for those seeking healing rather than a cure, as it is not geared for stopping pain or curing disease, but rather for bringing holistic healing to the energetic body and, therefore, to support the physical healing that is possible and is sometimes immediate. Shamanic therapy does not replace the need for medical, psychological, pharmaceutical or other therapies. We encourage clients to consider Shamanic Energy Therapy as one part of a holistic care program in which you address all aspects of your body-mind-spirit well-being.

Q. What is shamanism and what makes your work shamanic?

Shamanism is derived from an ancient Tungus word for what we often think of as a Medicine Man or Woman, meaning “one who knows.” The term shaman has become a generic term for referring to the mystical healers and intermediaries that have existed across the globe since the beginnings of human civilization. There is no universal name, role, or skill set for such healers, but their distinguishing characteristic is that they commune directly with the Divine for healing and wisdom in service to their communities, and the cosmos. What makes Gay’s work shamanic is two-fold:  1. It is anchored  in the cosmology and techniques of Peruvian shaman-mystics, which includes using a medicine bundle with stones & crystals, a rattle,&  flower water.  2. She engages the Divine through perceptual states and serves as an intermediary for healing and insights. This is in contrast to some energy modalities that work with the energy body through subtle sensory skills that they have developed, but without the practitioner actually engaging with Sacred guides and archetypal energies.

Q. How many sessions are needed?

The healing process is always intended to be complete in each session. That is, whatever is brought on-line (so to speak) is what is addressed. However, some energies or patterns are easily cleared in one session, while other energies require a more involved process—usually requiring the client to work at home, as well as return for additional sessions. Healing is a cooperative process between the client, the practitioner, and the Divine. As the practitioner, Gay can address the energies that are available for work, but the client has the ultimate control over what he or she is ready or able to release or address. Every session provides healing benefits, but meeting the client’s ultimate objective may or may not be possible in one session. Also, once we clear one layer, sometimes other issues bubble up. This is a good thing, because if it needs healing, bubbling up is necessary to recognize it. However, this sometimes means that a client’s process is more on-going. We can all use frequent healing sessions in a variety of
modalities, just as one visit to the chiropractor does not remedy the need or desire for another. Still, except for some of the advanced programs that involve a defined process, each session is handled as a single and complete process.

Distance Work:                                                                 Request a Session

Though Gay prefers to work hands-on whenever possible, she does do consultations and healing sessions by phone or Skype for long distance or recurring clients.