Health Effects of Alkaline Diet & Earthing

Health Eects of Alkaline Diet and Water,
Reduction of Digestive-tract Bacterial Load,
and Earthing
Haider Abdul-Lateef Mousa, MB ChB, MSc

Alkalinity and Health

Here's a great article that highlights the importance of alkalizing our systems via diet, water, and earthing. I have posted the abstract of the article here because it does a great job of summarizing the key points of Mousa's article; however, you can click the link below to go to download the full text and see more of Mousa's research. 

Health Benefits of Alkaline Diet and Water...and Earthing

By Haider Mousa MB ChB, MSc

Reduction of Digestive-tract Bacterial Load,
and Earthing

REVIEW ARTICLE ABSTRACT In the article, the author discusses the issue of chronic, low-grade acidosis that is thought to be brought about primarily by 2 factors: (1) advancing age, with a consequent decline in renal function; and (2) diet. An acid-forming diet can induce low-grade metabolic acidosis, which causes very small decreases in blood pH and plasma bicarbonate (HCO3 - ) that remain within the range considered to be normal. However, if the duration of the acidosis is prolonged or chronically present, even a low degree of acidosis can become significant.

This article reviews supporting evidence in the literature that has shown that consumption of abundant alkaline-forming foods can result in improvement in bone mineral density (BMD) and muscle mass, protection from chronic illnesses, reduced tumor-cell invasion and metastasis, and effective excretion of toxins from the body. In addition, a large number of studies showing the benefits of alkaline-forming foods have revealed that people consuming water with a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS) (ie, with a high mineral content) have shown a lower incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD), cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancer and lower total mortality rates.

Consumption of alkaline water also may prevent osteoporosis and protect pancreatic beta cells with its antioxidant effects. In addition, this article discusses the literature that shows that reducing acid production by digestive-tract bacteria can play an important role in increasing blood alkalinity toward the normal upper limit. That change occurs through good oral hygiene, flossing of teeth, perfect chewing of food, and bowel evacuation as soon as possible.

Finally, the author reviews the literature that shows that earthing (ie, the direct contact of the human body with the earth) can supply a current of plentiful electrons. Earthing has been shown to reduce acute and chronic inflammation, blood glucose in patients with diabetes, red blood cell (RBC) aggregation, and blood coagulation. It also has been shown to produce symptomatic improvement in chronic, muscle and joint pain, a reduction in overall stress levels and tensions, a boost in positive moods, an improvement in heart rate variability, and an improvement in the immune response. (Altern Ther Health Med. 2016;22(S1):##-##.) Haider Abdul-Lateef Mousa, MB ChB, MSc, is a lecturer in the College of Medicine at the University of Basrah in Basrah, Iraq. Corresponding author: Haider Abdul-Lateef Mousa, MB ChB, MSc E-mail address:

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