Huffington Post Article: The Healing Legacy of the Inka: Five Ancient Principles that we need today

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When you read “Inka,” what may flash through your mind is creepy Hollywood scenes of terrible and tortuous sacrifice rituals or Spanish conquistadors slaughtering masses to procure Peruvian gold for King and Church. Apparently any tradition can lose its bearing when human frailty takes the helm. Yet, for all that the Inka system was authoritarian and imperfect, it was one of the greatest empires of antiquity, and its people flourished. What you may not know is that the cultural framework of the Inka is based in ancient mystical philosophies for living in harmony with the Creator and the living world.... We are taught five concepts at the heart of the Inkan philosophy that are crucial to being healthy, balanced, and an “investor” in life, rather than a “consumer” of life: Kawsay, Munay, Yachay, Llanchay, and Ayni. These five concepts are as relevant to us today as they were in the archaic world that brought them to light. Click Here to Read Gay's Full Article on Huffington Post Blog