Journeys for Tending the Soul

Sage Foundations creates experiential learning opportunities ~

Some short & some longer--but all designed to help participants discover and develop the skills and insights relevant to their personal needs and path. Thus, it is our hope that our personal soul-tending stimulates ripples of healing in the soul of the world. 

Wisdom Journeys: Mythic Expeditions that engage the Mind, Body, & Soul.

When you travel with us, you do more than observe -- you engage. Our journeys go below the surface and bring to life the mythological roots of the past and present; of the people and places that we visit. 

       Andean Myth & Mysteries: July 25 - August 3, 2018


           Come join us next summer for a journey into the Sacred Valley of the Peruvian Andes--the mystical land
           of the Incas and their cultural  & spiritual heirs. Click Here to Learn More.


Workshops & Retreats:

Our classes offer participants extensive and quality content, as well as personal experiential learning opportunities. Our programs include three key elements—intention, intuition, and integration—in order to facilitate whole life change and manifestation. It is our goal that all participants experience some kind of shift at the soul deep level that moves them along their healing or soul-journey path.
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