Workshops & Retreats

Sage Foundations offers workshops and retreats designed to meet people where they are & support each person’s personal journey needs.

Our classes offer participants extensive and quality content, as well as personal experiential learning opportunities. Our programs include three key elements—intention, intuition, and integration—in order to facilitate whole life change and manifestation. It is our goal that all participants experience some kind of shift at the soul deep level that moves them along their healing or soul-journey path. We offer introductory and more advanced opportunities to meet you wherever you are in your process. Below is a list of workshops we offer, though the frequency they are delivered is in part determined by interest shown. Be sure to send us an email if there is a class you would like to take that is not currently on the schedule. 

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Featured Event:

Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual
Saturday, August 11

Join us for a day focused on Healing Ritual
at The Inner Space in Roswell, GA

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2:00 Reading & Discussion 
3:00-4:30  Healing Ritual Workshop


Introductory Workshops ~ 1-3 hour events

Caring for the Luminous Body

An introduction to the Energy body & Self-care techniques

The Healing Power of Ritual

Basic mythic, psychological, & energetic theory for the healing power of Ritual, and how to use them to bring healing a balance to your home and life. 

Introduction to Shamanism

An overview of shamanism, the shamanic cosmos, and how it is relevant to us today. Participants learn a healing technique to use with others.

Introduction to the Munay-ki Rites

This is a brief overview of the Munay-ki Rites which are derivatives of shamanic attunements. This class includes participants receiving the first four Rites.

Sacred Whispers: Entering the Mythic Dialog

Introduction to the Mythic language of the Sacred and several basic divination techniques for joining the dialog: Including using a pendulum, Angel cards, and the I-ching.


Spiral Journey Series ~ walking the medicine wheel

*Prerequisite required: In order to participate in these advanced multi-day events, we prefer attendees to have already taken at least one of the Introductory classes above. Foundational concepts are part of the introductory programs that will prepare participants for the deeper work of these advanced programs

The Spiral Journey series is our version of the healing walk around the medicine wheel. Medicine wheels and mandalas not only represent cosmic archetypes, but also the directions within humanity through which we can journey for healing and enlightenment, also called the Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell. Mandala specifics vary between and even within some cultures, but many core concepts of how we grow spiritually and come into greater harmony with the divine are universal. Our journey provides a combination of foundational concepts and experiential opportunities for participants to start from wherever they are in their work and to develop in whatever ways their soul requires.

South: Awakening to Spirit

Participants begin their journey by reconnecting with their Inner Self and the Mythic Cosmos. You explore the concept of a living, conscious, holistic universe, of which you are a valued part. You then learn how to come in to communion and dialog with the natural world through Ritual and by developing your subtle senses. Includes the following:

  • Overview of the shamanic cosmos & living energy & supportive quantum theory.
  • Pachamama: Reconnecting with Mother Nature & the living cosmos
  • Shedding outdated & unhealthy attachments
  • The healing power of Ritual and & how to create your own
  • In-depth work with the Munay-ki Rites & how to share them with others
  • In-class personal work through guided journeys, sound meditation, yoga and more.
  • Deep focus on Healing Hands & Harmony Rites~nourish & repair


West: Exploring your Luminous Nature

The work of the West is about recognizing your the luminous side of your dual nature and learning to face the changes that living authentically can bring. In this direction you will journey within, and explore not only the light, but the dark corners of your nature in a supportive and healing process. Includes the following:

  • Intityty: Reconnecting with Father Sun & your light nature
  • Explore your luminous body, & learn techniques for caring for it
  • Techniques for accessing & working on others
  • In-class personal work including:  working with the shadow & Underworld journey, a Breaking ceremony, learning to sense and move energy.
  • Deeper focus on Seer's Rites &  DayKeepers & Wisdomkeepers Rites


North: Nourishing the Seed of the Soul

Mythically, North is the direction of the unknown and a critical direction for the personal hero's journey. Shamanically, it is the the domain of the soul journey and direct experience with the Sacred. In this class, you will step into the Mythic by seeing your journey in a new light and by coming into deeper relationship with the Divine through direct experiences. Includes the following:

  • Develop your Mythic Vision--learn to see the deeper patterns, emotions, and motives in your life as part of your personal myth
  • Further develop your intuitive senses & journey visualization abilities
  • Connect with the mystical lineage of sages, guides, and angelic archetypes
  • Discover your Soul's Secret Purpose and create shifts to nourish it
  • Dreaming the world into being. Using journeying and active dreaming techniques to step out of the cycles of the past & create a healthy destiny.
  • Munay-Ki: Deep Focus on Earthkeeper, Starkeeper Rites


East: Beyond Being and Becoming

The East is the place of a new dawn, a fresh start, but also signals the return of the changed Hero. In this class you will step beyond yourself and your personal needs to see yourself as a shamanic part of the cosmos--one who brings wisdom and power back to the community--the local & the cosmic community. You will explore and further develop your power to dream the world into being and into healing.

  • Ayni, Munay, and kawsay: Walking with the Sacred for an inspired and inspiring life
  • Indra's Net and the power of mystical love
  • Soul Retrieval: Healing the jewel that is you
  • Destiny Retrieval: You return with a boon
  • Aligning the head, heart, and will to become a vessel for living energy
  • Munay-Ki: Deep focus on Creator Rites


Special Workshops & Series:

In addition to the core curriculum above, we occassionally offer a new class or series, so watch for updates. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, & Google Plus to see what is happening or join Sage Society to recieve periodic email updates.