Review: Untie the Strong Woman

Love and the Goddess in Untie the Strong Woman
by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

If you have wanted to have a more intimate relationship with the archetypal energy of the Great Mother--known as well as the Great Goddess, Mother Mary, or Sophia, then you will especially enjoy this book. Estés draws us into a  diverse feminine landscape--offering us many ways of viewing and experiencing the great feminine energy such that we can approach her and claim her intimately. 

Her book takes us deep into her own  personal  and cultural experiences with the Great Mother, beginning with an encounter when she was a small child. Revealing this intimate experience immediately draws us into an up-close experience with the Mother through a child's eyes. Yet, the book's journey does not pull us along on a gentle walk through an English garden. Rather, it thrusts us into a rebel ride through the wilder terrain of beaches, desserts, and narrow alleys.

Throughout the book Estés juxtaposes the flexible strength of the Feminine with her infinite capacity for love--two gifts that abide simultaneously within the Great Mother. We cannot hold the archetypal feminine at a distance once we've experienced her in so many intimate forms that Estés offers in her book. Nor can we remain immune to this strong, yet loving, woman energy in our own lives. 

One of the best features of this book is that it is structured more like an anthology than a chaptered book. You can pick it up, deep dive, then put it down and digest for a while before you deep dive again. I continue to do just that, rediscovering its depths and pleasures each time I partake.  Click for Amazon Link