Sage Cottage: A New Product Review Blog

In my work as a shamanic therapist and leading healing arts workshops, I am often asked to recommend resources or for my opinion on certain products. In response, a friend and I have started Sage Cottage as a product review and education blog to make choosing high quality and effective holistic products easier. There are so many products out there today, and it can take too much time or too many bad purchases to find good quality products. We hope our site will not only make choosing and buying easier, but will help you feel more prepared to make educated choices. When relevant, we will also offer up suggestions & techniques to for using certain products in your personal practices.


We are just launching our new site, but you will see new blogs posted several times a month. You can trust that we are only reviewing products that we believe are of high quality and truly effective in a holistic lifestyle. Some of our blogs, such as "The Truth About Himalayan Salt Lamps," will offer an overview of the competing opinions and research about the products, in addition to our own personal experiences and opinions about them. Here's a sample below.

We hope you enjoy our new blog, Sage Cottage



The Truth About Himalayan Salt Lamps

We’ve all felt the wash of good energy from getting outside, especially among waterfalls, lakes or rivers, and especially the sea. There is no denying that when we are immersed in fresh air, sunshine, and a salty breeze, we feel lighter and more balanced, inside and out. We are told by many that Himalayan Salt Lamps can have a similar affect on our indoor spaces. Yet there is a rigorous controversy about whether salt lamps do actually have the effects that are claimed. <Continue Reading>