Sage Society for Soul-Tending
Connecting with the Sacred and Each Other

Sage Society for Soul-Tending

Gathering together for Healing Ritual and Fire Ceremony

Connecting with Sage Society links you with like-minded people seeking and sharing insights in what we call Soul-tending. Soul-tending, (healing) is a multi-dimensional process and Sage strives to support the development of our intuitive intelligence and subtle senses through education and therapeutic experiences. Together we can explore concepts such as holistic healing, shamanism, mysticism, archetypes, depth & transpersonal psychology, and my particular favorites -- ritual and Mythic vision, which is a process of seeing the archetypal patterns and deeper truths reflected in your story and your life. There is no actual membership process, just choose one of the opportunities listed below to get connected.

Sage Society - Atlanta ~ Sage Foundations sponsors a number of community ritual and soul-tending opportunities in North Georgia each year, including Munay-Ki rites, workshops, and Fire Ceremonies. Gay does travel to various areas of the country, so if you have a group interested in creating a Soul-tending community you can connect with Gay to see if she can come to your area.
Click to go to Soul-Tending: Sage Events meetup group.

Fire Ceremony: Sage Society seasonal gatherings are held near the Sun's quarterly cycles--the Solstices and Equinoxes. We will use these gatherings for sharing Munay-ki Rites and holding fire ceremonies or drumming circles. Our ceremonies, though spiritual and energy oriented, are not religious and do not conflict with personal religious choices. We sing, rattle or drum, and take turns doing our personal work at the fire. We also call in healing for our Earth Mother and unhealed energies in our communities. (No fees, though donations are especially appreciated when we pay for venues.)      Go to Calendar to see upcoming events.

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