Sage Cottage Product Review Blog

Sage Cottage is our new Product Research & Review Blog where you can find discussions about some of our favorite products, as well as relevant research or a summary of the issues surrounding a particular product.

I first began Sage Foundations nearly two decades ago in California, evolving a relocating to Atlanta, and now Santa Rosa Beach, FL. All through the years participants and clients have often asked me for suggestions of good books or products that support their holistic and soul-tending lifestyle. In answer to this request, I have created a product review blog to help you choose between or discover new products and services among the vast & confusing selections. is intended to be informative, yet personal and comfortable enough that you can enjoy the blog articles with a cup of tea or coffee. We do not review anything we would not have in our own homes or wear on our own bodies, but we do try to help you make your own decisions when a product may be somewhat controversial by providing research summaries to go along with our personal assessments.

Picture of salt lamp  We hope you will enjoy a reading our blog when your cozy up with a
  cup of tea, or an evening glass of wine, or anytime you are looking
  or quality holistic living products & services.

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