What We Hear in the Dying of the Light

As the year wanes, so does the light. Our days grow shorter, nights longer, and the heat resides in the southern hemisphere. We generally enjoy fall well enough, but by the time we finish with Thanksgiving, we are feeling the full effects of the dimming sun.


In mythology, the waning sun was often depicted as a dying king who would be replaced after Winter Solstice by his twin brother or a newborn son. For those of us who thrive in the heat and light of summer, we can feel the pinch of being forced to hunker down inside. I'm one of those beings who can sometimes resent the colder and dimmer seasons of the year, even though I know that it is only because of winter that I can truly enjoy the rebirth ushered in with spring. However, I have learned that winter offers us a special opportunity to turn inward, and like the earth bound plants, do the good work that brings abundant blossoms in the spring. 

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