Friends & Favorite Resources

We love you share quality mentors and resources that we have discovered over the years through our own seeking and learning. There are many wonderful resources out there in the world of soul journey, shamanism, energy medicine, meditation, and health and healing. It is not our intention on this page to provide a comprehensive list, but rather to highlight those people and services that we have personally enjoyed. This list will be updated periodically, so check back for new information. Only a brief description is included, but you can click the links to go to their websites.

Programs and Services

Anthony Robbins: Wonderful resources for personal empowerment and change techniques. 

Crowsnest Center for Shamanic Studies: Shamanic and personal journey work with C. Michael (Mikkal) Smith.

The Four Winds Society: Shamanic & healing arts training w/ Alberto Villoldo.

Pacifica Graduate Institute: Grad school for Depth Psych & Mythology blended degreed programs. Distance education - located near Santa Barbara, CA.


Barbara Kumara: Meditation and coaching for life & soulful businesses.

Books & Media

Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas: Landmark book connecting the cosmos to human patterns and behavior.

Riting Myth, Mythic Writing: Plotting Your Personal Story and The Wounded Body, by Dennis Patrick Slattery

Jung & Shamanism in Dialogue by C. Michael Smith

Return of the Inka by Elizabeth B. Jenkins

Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo: Wonderful overview of his shamanic approach and its Peruvian roots.

The Shamanic Drum by Michael Drake.

Shamanic Drumming Blog 

Wheels of Life: Anodea Judith: An essential resource for energy medicine students & practitioners.


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