Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual

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Ritual takes us beyond the psychological. It does more than calm the mind and heart. It is a process of thinning the veils between the dimensions of the material world and those luminous realms lying within and beyond oneself. In Ritual, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, certainty becomes mystery, and potentialities become real possibilities!​​


What People are Saying

   ~ C. Michael Smith, Ph.D (Mikkal). Psychologist, shamanic teacher, and author of the best-selling classic, Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue

This book you hold in your hands is a corridor into ancient and contemporary wisdom, the kind that helps you live and engage a deeper place or source of living through healing ritual. Between the front and back cover you will find a crystal clear and yet poetic style of writing, rich in mythic understanding, informative and very practical for how to develop your own capacity to learn and create rituals that transform your life, help you heal and evolve, and can help you help others. Gay Wolff has given us a timely and currently much needed handbook of how to practice healing ritual wisdom in our modern context.


~ Dennis Patrick Slattery, author of Riting Myth, Mythic Writing: Exploring Your Personal Myth and Bridge Work: Essays on Mythology, Literature and Psychology.

What I most enjoyed about reading Gay Wolff’s elegantly expressed Tending the Soul With Healing Ritual is that it is interactive, participatory and consciousness-raising. Her work, with very original rituals throughout, weds theory to praxis, myth to ritual, and knowing to the body’s heart sense of the world. My favorite line in the book is “Ritual is a personal act with transpersonal intent.” Such a profound insight allows us to see with a double vision—both the particularities of our life in accord with a transcendent reality. I highly recommend it.


~ Michael Drake, author of The Shamanic Drum and Shamanic Drumming Blog

The Rituals in this insightful book will guide your soul work to help you engage at an energetic level, where you can access the power to change and heal. Click to Read Full Review